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TOFU Pasteur

- Technology: continuous steam pasterisation in tunnel pasteur
- Design: single deck pasteur, all stainless steel
- Control: fully automatic
  • The products (tofu) move in the production line from filling and closing machines to  the pasteur. Using the kinematic input mechanism on the infeed conveyor, they overcome the shear friction on the transition bar and move to the main chain grate.  
  • The main grate carries the packages progressively through the preheating zone to the pasterization zone, where the temperature rises to the desired pasterization temperature. The area is heated by a thermal medium, heated steam. During the  time in the pasterization zone, at a constant temperature, unwanted micro-organisms  that could later cause fermentation, clouding, etc., are killed.
  • After leaving the pasterization zone, the packaging enters the cooling zone where it is  gradually cooled by cooling water. Cooling must be carried out as quickly as possible.
  • When the products leave the last cooling zone, they are transferred via a transition  rail to an outfeed conveyor. 

The pasterization time and the total processing time are controlled on the control panel (by means of a frequency converter) by the speed of the drive gear motor, i.e. the  speed at which the chain grate moves. Temperatures are also set directly on the  control panel. 
The values of both variables are selected according to the applicable standards and  the type of product.  
We control the speed of the main grate and thus the setting of the pasterization time mechanically by the so-called control disc, which will be attached to the machine.

The main settings will be in the machine program. 
- The heating of the pasterization zone (steam) is done directly by steam jetting into  the space. 
- Cooling of the products is done by immersion in a water bath. 
The continuous steam pasteur consists of the following parts: 
1. Drive and motion parts 
enable the pasteurisation process, which is conditioned by the passage - the  passage of products - through the tunnel pasteur.  
These include: main drive, contact chain and product carriers (tofu) 
- The main drive is provided by an electric motor controlled by a frequency converter  in direct connection with a planetary gearbox. 
- The drive of the insertion and withdrawal mechanisms of the pasture are derived  from the main drive. This ensures the synchronisation of the main mechanisms of the pasteur.  
- The contact chain is a continuous (closed in a curved circuit) pulley chain which is  driven by sprockets. 
- The curvilinear circuit of the contact chain is formed by the guide and sprockets. - The shepherd has two side link chains. 
- The product carriers (tofu) form a link between the contact chains which carry the  individual products (tofu). 
2. Product (tofu) input 
is used for the entry of the products (tofu) into the trap. It must ensure a continuous  flow of products (tofu) to the other parts of the machine by filling all the carriers.  
It consists of the following parts input conveyor and the product loader
- The input conveyor whose purpose is to accumulate the products (tofu) coming along the conveyors to the pasture and transport them towards the product loader. 
- The product loader is a kinematic mechanism whose task is to insert the prepared  products on the input conveyor into the product carriers.  

3. Inlet shower
is the inlet section of the trap in which steam is prevented from escaping outside the  tunnel.  

4. Pasteurization zone (heating to temperature + endurance) - steam  is the part of the pasteur in which the heating to pasteurisation temperature and the  actual pasteurisation process takes place, by heating with direct steam. 

5. Cooling zone I - water bath (cold water)
is the part of the pasteur in which the cooling of the products (tofu) takes place by  immersion in a water bath - cold water, heated to a higher temperature. 
6. Cooling zone II - water bath (cold water)
is the part of the pasteur in which the cooling of the products (tofu) takes place by  immersion in a water bath -cold water. 
7. Cooling zone III - water bath (ice water)
is the part of the pasteur in which the cooling of the products (tofu) takes place by  immersion in a water bath - ice water.  
8. Output of products 
is provided by a product unloader and an outfeed conveyor 
9. Control, measuring and regulating equipment (PLC Hitachi) are used to adjust and control the pasteurisation process and the operation of the  pasteurisation machine.
The most important ones are temperature control, water bath level control, control of the pasture against sudden mechanical overload. 
- The temperature control in the pasteurization zone of the pasteurizer is a control  device whose task is to maintain the set pasteurization temperatures and to signal  this condition visually or audibly in case of a significant drop in operating  temperatures. The actual measurement is carried out using thermometers which are  linked to the relevant control circuits controlling the pneumatic steam supply valves. - The pasteur water bath temperature control is a control device whose function is to  maintain the set temperatures of the water baths and to signal this condition visually  or audibly if the operating temperatures drop significantly. The actual measurements  are made using thermometers that are linked to the appropriate control circuits  controlling the pneumatic cooling water inlet dampers. 
- Control and regulation of the level in the cooling baths is carried out by a control  circuit which evaluates the level and, if necessary, switches on the circulation pumps. 
- The control of the pasteur against sudden mechanical overload of some parts due to product buckling is carried out by means of sensors. These are located on the  safety swing clutches and, if necessary, ensure the shutdown of the entire machine  and signal the point of failure to the main control panel. 
10. Partial thermal insulation of the steam tunnel (sides + rear) serves to reduce the thermal energy consumption of the shepherd. 
- Insulation of the trap: 30 mm polyurethane boards 
- insulation cover: stainless steel sheet


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