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MP Keg 60 - Automatic internal washer and filler

Nominal output: up to 60 kegs/hour
Cleaning agent: caustic

With centering device of kegs and pneumatically controlled pressure cylinder, including electronic control and automatic shifting of kegs between individual heads.

MP Keg 60 - Automatic internal washer and filler


- 1 Independent situated basic support with discharge table for keg
- 3 Washing heads for automatic connection to keg, including pneumatically controlled pressing cylinder -
- 1 Waiting station
- 1 Filling head for automatic connection to keg, including pneumatically controlled pressing cylinder
- 1 Agent distributor und control unit (combination of valves for supply of media for washing, combination of valves for discharg valves for washing, combination of supply and discharge valves for filling)
- All valves are pneumatically controlled through magnetic valves.
- 1 Tank for caustic including agent pump and regulation of temperature
- 1 Tank for washing medium with agent pump and regulation of temperature
- 1 Programmable memory control, type HITACHI, Siemens including switchboard
- In order to check production the machine is equipped with checking units (checking of tightness, registration of wet and dry condition through a special forked probe, checking of agent by means of pressure sensor and so on).
– Rinsing medium, cold and hot are taken form the network.
– It is supposed sterilisation with steam and overpressing by means of CO2.


- MP Keg can be used both for filling with beer and for filling with soft drinks.
- The washing is performed in a sterile way with pulsating spraying out according to need with caustic or acid.
- The drinks are filled smoothly and thriftly by comparison of pressure with small amount of spray off.
- The whole process of washing and filling is controlled by means of programmable control, type HITACHI, situated in stainless switchboard
- Each individual process step of washing and filling is checked through the forked probe.
- All checking elements are self-checked
- The machine is composed of stabile basic support of stianless steel (material 1. 4301) and is equipped with three washing heads, one waiting head and one filling head
- Transport of vessels is carried out automatically
- As standard equipment the MP Keg is provided with two vessels for caustic and washing medium, including pumps and feeding with fresh water with automatic regulation of level as well as heating by means of heating bodies.
- All electrical connection and electro-pneumatical parts as well as the valves for supply and discharge media are situated on one side of machine
- MP Keg can be easily controlled by one operator. The cycle runs on this machine automatically after command for manual start.
- The vessels are pressed from above with pneumatic cylinder on the head. The vessels are cleaned form inside on three stations, follows waiting and filling station.

10. 9. 2013