Second hand

- Malt Crusher

- Whirpool

- Mashing tub

- Wort copper

- Bottlewashing machine

- Tunnel Pasteurizer

- Crates washer

- Filler Labeler

- Keg-lines

M Keg 1- Automatic internal washing machine

Nominal output: up to 20 kegs/hour, single
cleaning agent: caustic
With centering device of kegs and pneumatically controlled pressure cylinder, including electronic control.

M Keg 1- Automatic internal washing machine


- 1 Independent basic support with discharge table for keg
- 1 Washing heads for automatic connection to keg
- 1 Agent distributor und control unit (combination of valves for supply of media for washing, combination of valves for discharging valves for washing)
- All valves are pneumatically controlled through magnetic valves.
- 1 Tank for caustic with agent pump and regulation of temperature.
- 1 Programmable memory control, type HITACHI, including switchboard.
- In order to check production the machine is equipped with checking units (checking of tightness, registration of wet and dry condition through a special forked probe, checking of agent through by means of pressure sensor and so on).
– Rinsing medium, cold and hot are taken form the network.
- It is supposed the sterilization with steam and overpressing by means of CO2.


- Exchange of keg
- Pressing of keg and lowering of lifting table
- Checkig of tightness
- Connecting and checking of residue pressure
- Blowing out of residues
- Prespraying (cold water)
- Blowing out of cold water
- Spraying of caustic (pulsate)
- Blowing out of caustic with sterile air
- Spraying of hot water (pulsate)
- Blowing out of hot water with steam
- Steaming
- Releasing of condensate
- Steaming/ pressure increase
- Disconnecting and pressure release
- Loosening of keg and hoisting of lifting table
- Exchange of keg

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