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Crate washer with turning device

Crate washer with turning device (further only washer) is designed for removing impurities and washing of non-deformed plastic crates.

Crate washer with turning device


The crate washer is a continuous working machine, placed behind the bottle unloader as a part of the transporting system of crates. The washer is an alongside tunnel equipped with a system of nozzles. The crates carried along by a chain transporter are washed by means of pressure washing solution when passing through.
- This is a tunnel wahser with continuous conveyor.
- The cabinet is welded from steel sheets, material grade11, thickness 4 mm, with all stainless steel grade 17.
- Tunnel, water distributor, sieve and suction basket are manufactured of stainless steel grade 17. Alongside the tunnel are removable coverings. Sealing of coverings is ensured by means of labyrinths.
- The washer is devided to washing and spraying part.
- Temperature regulation in the washing tank is performed by means of regulation valve "Metrik" and the temperature regulator.
- Spraying is carried out by a system of spraying tubes.
- Transporting chains are made of cast steel.
- Drive of conveyor is secured by worm gear box.
- Lower tunnel part forms a collecting vessel of washing solution.
- Circulation of washing solution is secured by centrifugal pump.
- Filtration of washing solution is carried out by a oblique sieve under the conveyor on the one hand and by the suction basket in front of the suction basket on the other.
- Rinsing is carried out by tap water.
- From the collecting tank of rinsing water is completed the level in washing tank.
- Control of washer is concentrated in contorl panel, placed in the machine frame for crate turning.


- When washing the plastic crates it is recommended to turn the crates by 180 o in order to remove the glass chips and rough impurities.
- The crates are feeded on the transporting line /this is not a part of the washer but it can be separately ordered/ placed over the washer, to the turning device.
- The turning device is a semi-circle quide, which due to gravity makes it possible to turn the crates by 180 o. Under the turning device is situated the chute of glass chips, from which the glass chips and impurities fall inside the prepared pallet.
- After turning the crate this is carried along by the transporter to the washing tunnel, where in the first phase the spraying of crates with washing solution 60 o warm takes place.
- By means of sieves and sucking basket is the washing liquid pumped by largely dimensioned centrifugal pump to spraying tubes. The spraying pressure is about 0.3 MPa /3 atm/ and great quantity of pumped washing liquid/about 20 m3/h / ensures trouble-free washing even in the case the dirt edheres especially firm. Also the electro-static forces of plastics are strongly affected.
- This intensive spraying is carried out by ten interconnecting spraying tubes, each of them has 5 nozzles with flat spray, which spray the washing liquid under pressure 3 atm. Arrangement of spraying nozzles with different spraying angles ensures thorough cleaning of crates from all sides.
- Used liquid, which can be due to the grade of crate pollution only hot water or hot water with caustic, flows away to the collectiong vessel, which is placed beneath the spraying system.
- The heating of washing liquid is carried out by steam Ä‚Ë?€“ direct spray.
- The temperature of washing liquid is automatically controlled by thermostat.
- After going through the washing section follows the rinsing section, where the crates are rinsed with clean tap water. This water from final spraying is collected in a special vessel and serves as continuous addition of washing solution.
- After rinsing follows short dripping and the crates are carried along outside the washer through the turning device, where the crates are again turned in initial position.
- The discharge conveyor is not a part of the washer, but it can be ordered.
- In order to secure a touble-free operation because of sedimentation of the nozzles spraying system by water stone, the water hardness should not exceed 10 German degrees.

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