Second hand

- Malt Crusher

- Whirpool

- Mashing tub

- Wort copper

- Bottlewashing machine

- Tunnel Pasteurizer

- Crates washer

- Filler Labeler

- Keg-lines




Mash tub
- All stainless structure
- Heating double bottom
- Heating part of lower cylindrical part
- Stirrer with drive
- Mash charger including pipeline for malt extracted grains
- Supporting steel structure

Lauter tun
- All stainless design
- Lower filling by means of special pneumatic valves
- Stainless straining screen of company Andrizt Fiedler GmbH, Germany
- Raking machine with discharge of spent grains by means of battens placed on raking machine arms
- Ring of spent grains, spray
- 2 speed drive including hydraulic aggregate
- Straining system SVK - straining by means of pump
- Complete valve of spent grain discharge including servo-drive
- Special nozzels for bottom rinsing
- Storage tank of spent grain
- Supporting steel structure

Wort copper
- All stainless design
- With built-in internal boiler
- Supporting steel structure

Pipeline connection incl. pumps and fittings

- All stainless structure
- Pneumatic fittings Kieselmann, Alfa Laval
- Individual solution based on technological project

-Full automatic or semi-automatic control of brewhouse

10. 9. 2013