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Bottle washing machine BETA

Automatic reversible soaking and spraying bottle washing machine BETA is designed for commonly polluted beer, wine, soft drink, milk and mineral water bottles. A commonly polluted bottle is regarded a bottle polluted with beverage residues filled on the line, which has paper labels.

Bottle washing machine BETA


Bottle washing machine consists of following functional assemblies: drive and movable parts of the bottle washing machine, bottle inlet in the machine, bath, nozzle and pump system, equipment of label removal, bottle discharge from the machine and control accessories of washing machine.

Drive and movable part of the washing machine enable the washing process, on condition the passage through the washing machine is possible. Here belongs the main drive, cover plate chain, carriers of bottle baskets and the proper bottle baskets. The main drive of washing machine is secured by electric motor with frequency convertor The torque from the main motor is transmitted by a system of transmission in the upper part of machine, where are by means of a reversible pawl driven the sprockets of cover plate chains. The drive of inlet and discharge mechanism of washing machine are also taken from the main drive. So the synchronisation of main mechanism is guaranteed. By changing the revolution by means of frequency convertor on the main drive of washing machine is changed so called working characteristic of the washing machine, which expresses the dependence of machine capacity and the time of bottle passage through the machine. The cover plate chain is endless (closed to curve circle) roller chain with pitch t = 170 mm, which is driven by means of sprockets. The curve circle of cover plate chain is formed by means of guiding rollers. The bottle washing machine has two lateral cover plate chains. The carriers of bottle basket form the connection between the cover plate chains, which carry the individual bottle baskets. The basket carriers are made of steel and bottle baskets are pressed from plastics. The bottle baskets form for each bottle individual cell of circle cross section.

Inlet part of washing machine serves the purpose of entering the polluted bottles in the washing machine. It must guarantee a smooth feeding of bottles to other machine parts by filling of all carriers. It consists of following parts: accumulating table and bottle loader. The accumulating table consists of a row of conveyors and its width is identical with the width of carriers of bottle baskets. Its purpose is the cummulation of bottles coming on the conveyors to the washing machine and transport towards the bottle loader. The bottle loader consists of shaft and novodur segments, which by a rotary movement take the bottles alongside the guides in the bottle baskets.

Caustic vessel and removal of labels - The bottle baskets filled with bottles are taken in the caustic bath, where impurities loosen with caustic bath temperature 70 °C, so the labels are removed. Washing away of labels from the bottle surface and from the space of bottle baskets in the washing bath towards the label removal is secured by hydrodynamic effect of washing solution. This effect is caused by special intensive rinsing against bottle necks by means of nozzles with diameter 15 mm and this causes washing away of labels. It is a rotary perforated drum, from which the labels are removed with streaming air by means of ventilator. Direct and quick removing of labels hinder their tearing and decomposition to fibres. So the spoiling of caustic reduces and its durabilty is longer.

Spray system - In the following part the bottles are sprayed out and sprayed in the first place with caustic, then with clean water and finally with drinking water. The nozzles of inner sprays and outer sprays are fixed in corresponding pitches on the nozzle bar (tube). Nozzle diameter of inner spray is 3 mm at continual spray out. Nozzles of outer spray have a diameter 4 mm. Inner and outer nozzles work with the same overpressure. The values of overpressure in the nozzles range from 0.1 - 0.2 Mpa.

Bottle discharge- Bottle discharge is performed in the same manner as their loading by means of a rotary segments of plastics. Rotation of segments in connection with the movement of main chain enables discharge of bottles from bottle baskets and their sliding on the discharge chute, which is also springed by block sensors SQ.

Checking, measuring and regulation accessories serves the purpose of adjustment and checking of washing process and operation of washing machine. Among the most important belongs the temperature checking of individual bathes and level and checking of washing machine against a sudden mechanical overloading.


Main caustic bath, temperature 70-80 °C
Label removal - 2x caustic shower 70-80 °C
4x spraying out with caustic solution with temperature 70-80 °C
3x spraying out with hot water 35-60 °C
2x spraying out with drinking water
Gas or steam heating

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