Second hand

- Malt Crusher

- Whirpool

- Mashing tub

- Wort copper

- Bottlewashing machine

- Tunnel Pasteurizer

- Crates washer

- Filler Labeler

- Keg-lines

Bottle loader


Bottle loader


- By means of a bottle loader the bottles are inserted inside the crates.
- The crates are transported to the machine by means of the conveyor.
- In order to work the machine, to the packaging zone must be transported the whole bundle of crates with sufficient bottles.
- The bundle of crates can enter the machine only if a bundle of crates can be evacuated, staying in the machine, that means there is no reverse camber (swelling).
- Occuring failures at crates entering (too many crates, or if they are not in horizontal position) the machine stops in waiting position.
- The bottles for packaging run over the crate conveyor to distribution channels of accumulating table.
- Special putting in rows is ensured by a low pressure transition from the free transport to do the formation.
- The bottles are gripped by individual gripping heads through collars, controlled by compressed air. The collars are aerated after gripping.
- The working arm lifts the bottles from the table and carries them through the guided grate inside the crates.
- In order to loosen the bottles the collars must be de-aerated. The arm lifts and goes through the accumulating table of bottles to grip another bottles.
- The crates are transported from the machine only if the bundle of bottles can be completely discharged, there is no reverse camber (swelling) and in front of the machine must be prepared the whole crate bundle. After discharging the bundle of crates there is transported another prepared bundle in the machine.
- The working movement of the machine is carried out by uneven gear crank mechanism.
- The drive is performed by stop-motors/with disengaging anchor/.
- If during the automatic process one of safety photocells is interrupted, the machine stops.
- Re-start of the machine is possible only after clearing the function "Safety photocell - off".

10. 9. 2013


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Are you looking for complete service for your brewery?


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