Second hand

- Malt Crusher

- Whirpool

- Mashing tub

- Wort copper

- Bottlewashing machine

- Tunnel Pasteurizer

- Crates washer

- Filler Labeler

- Keg-lines

Automatic external spraying washing machine

Nominal output: up to 120 kegs/hour
Cleaning agent: hot water

With stopping arms for kegs and penumatically controlled pressure cylinders, including electronic control. It is supposed washing with water.

Automatic external spraying washing machine


- 1pc Stopping pneumatic arms including photo-sensors before entering the washer
- 1 Independent self-supporting cabinet structure
- 1 Pressing arm, including pneumatic drive
- 1 Stopping arm, including pneumatic drive
- 1 Combination of valves for supply of medium for washing
- All valves are penumatically controlled through electromagnetic valves.
- 1 Tank for hot water (volume 550 litres) including agent pump, regulation of temperature, fittings and connection is a firm part of machine (independent placing means extra price)
- Programmable memory control, type HITACHI, including switchboard, control panel and all electric cables for internal interconnection.
- Rinsing medium, used water.
- Used steel structural parts are produced of stainless steel 1.4301 or better.
- 1pc Transport chain conveyor including drive.


Keg stopping in front of washer
Transport of keg inside the washer
Closing of washer door
Washing of keg surface with washing agent (rinsing hot water)
Washing of keg surface with cold water
Finishing of washing cycle
Transport of keg

10. 9. 2013