Second hand

- Malt Crusher

- Whirpool

- Mashing tub

- Wort copper

- Bottlewashing machine

- Tunnel Pasteurizer

- Crates washer

- Filler Labeler

- Keg-lines

Automatic external brush washing machine

Nominal output: up to 120 kegs/hour
Cleaning agent: hot water

With stopping arms for kegs and penumatically controlled pressure cylinders, including electronic control. It is supposed washing with water.

Automatic external brush washing machine


- 1pc Stopping pneumatic arms including photo-sensors before entering the washer
- 1 Independent self-supporting cabinet structure
- 1 Pressing arm, including pneumatic drive
- 1 Stopping arm, including penumatic drive
- 1 Drive rotary cylinder, including electric drive
- 1 Driven tilting rotary brush for washing of cylindrical keg part, including pneumatically controlled pressure cylinder
- 2 Brush for washing of lower and upper keg part, including pneumatically controlled pressure cylinder
- 1 Combination of valves for supply of medium for washing
- All valves are penumatically controlled through electromagnetic valves.
- 1 Tank for hot water (volume 550 litres) including agent pump, regulation of temperature, fittings and connection is a firm part of machine (iÄ‚­ndependent placing means extra price)
- Programmable memory control, type HITACHI, including switchboard, control panel and all electric cables for internal interconnection.
- Rinsing medium, used water.
- Used steel structural parts are produced of stainless steel 1.4301 or better.
- 1pc Transporting chain conveyor including drive, length


Keg stopping in front of washer
Transport of keg inside the washer
Closing of washer´s door, pressing of keg to rotary cylinder and pressing of brushes on the keg surface.
Washing of keg surface with washing agent (rinsing hot water) and with 3 brushes
Washing of keg surface with cold water
Finishing of washing cycle
Transport of keg

10. 9. 2013